What we do

2D MEP installation drawings from virtual reality 3D coordinated building services models.

Areas of expertise

Project management, engineering and draughtsperson skills for each of the following project areas are provided:

Sample drawings

View our sample drawings page to see examples.

  • Design stage — We offer a integrated services view by bringing together architects, engineers and surveyors to run or support the design stage on a project.
  • MEP coordination — We provide a comprehensive MEP coordination service, including modelling and drawing production using Caddcut and Revit MEP.
  • Record drawings — We provide an efficient, competitive and accurate record drawing service that gives a true reflection of the end product and helps ensure proper ongoing management of the programme deliverables.
  • BIM modelling — We deliver our services BIM-compliant out of the box, this helps support the successful delivery and management of the programme.
  • Modularisation — We provide clear installation drawings to support a modularisation approach on any programme of work.
  • Installation drawings — We provide a quality, varied and flexible service to support the creation of installation drawings on any programme of work.
  • Architecture and structure — Architectural and structural modelling.

How we work

We supply resource along with necessary hardware and software to fully operate on a programme of work. Our people are all able and willing to work on site with the client or can work from one our virtual office spaces. A secure cloud computing solution gives us the reach and flexibility to support client needs wherever located.

Experience and expertise is embedded in all of the project and technology areas described.

Software used

Enabling software to support these areas is available in: